Sunday, December 8, 2019

Recovery starts with one step

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Electrical current applied through the skin into the soft tissues (muscles) or to nerves to control pain, assist in muscle coordination, reduce muscle spasms, reorganize newly formed collagen tissue, reduce inflammation and enhance soft tissue healing. The intensity is based on the patient’s tolerance.

Mechanical Traction: Traction can provide increased mobilization and more flexibility to each spinal joint. This action also helps reduce adhesions in the spinal joints, thus decreasing the stiffness of arthritis. The intensity used is to the patient’s tolerance.

Massage Therapy: This therapy is where manual pressure is applied to soft tissues including strokes, compression and percussion to reduce muscle spasm, decrease stiffness, increase lymphatic and vascular circulation, and increase tissue healing. The intensity used is to the patient’s tolerance. We offer 15, 30, 45 minute and full body massages, as well as, specialty massages such as: sports stretching and pregnancy specific*. * You must be out of your 1st trimester of pregnancy to safely receive a massage.

Rehab Level 1: This type of therapy combines the basics of simple active or passive range of motion and gentle stretching. Home stretching program education and integration is to be initiated.

Rehab Level 2: This type of therapy combines the basics of gentle stretching and adds the dimension of strength and endurance training.

Rehab Level 3: This type of therapy combines the basics of strength and endurance training with the added dimension of but not limited to, proprioceptive feedback, balance training, Activities of Daily Living integration and fall prevention, as appropriate. The balance training using a wobble chair or board will include core strengthening and coordination exercises to decrease the probability of recurrence of the treated condition or injury.

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