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Enjoy the glow, don't hate your back

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Dr. Frisina was such a blessing for my pregnancy. My goal was a natural childbirth with a midwife and I succeeded! I attest my routine chiropractic care while pregnant partly to my success. My labor was incredibly easy for the first time- 8 hours total with an hour of pushing. My son was 9 obs 5 oz too! Keeping everything aligned, especially in the pelvis, is pivotal for a successful deliver. If you are pregnant, please look to Dr. Frisina for care. You will not regret it! - Alexis S.


While pregnant, a woman's body goes through many physical and chemical changes. These occur in preparation for creating a suitable environment for the growing baby. While these changes are completely natural, they may result in a misaligned musculoskeletal system, such as:

  • Increased back curve due to weight distribution in the belly
  • Changes in pelvic orientation
  • Postural changes

In the event of a misaligned pelvis, the baby's natural environment is restricted during development. It can also contribute to a non-optimal position for delivery. A baby in the breech position can prevent a non-invasive, natural birth, possibly leading to a C-section or the use of drugs that the mother may not want. At Frisina Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our goal is to keep the spine aligned so the entire body can work effectively. We provide drug-free, natural care for expectant mothers that will lead to the best delivery outcome. Dr. Frisina has worked with pregnant women for many years, earning the reputation as one of the best pregnancy chiropractors in our community.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a gentle, hands-on technique that helps correct sacral misalignment, balance pelvic muscles and relax ligaments, which in turn removes torsion to the woman's uterus. This results in less constraint to the baby, and allows the baby to turn and get into the best possible position for birth.

To read research about this technique visit: Webster Technique

General chiropractic for expectant mothers

In addition to the Webster Technique, our office provides pregnant women with general chiropractic care to promote overall health. Dr. Frisina will educate our pregnant patients on stretching and good nutrition including whole food supplementation that is specifically tailored to pregnant women. This brings comfort to the baby as well as the mother. Further, we will design a custom rehabilitation program to ensure our patients get their bodies back to their previous, pre-pregnancy state following the birth. Then, once the baby is born Dr. Frisina, a pediatric chiropractic doctor will help keep the baby aligned and feeling good.

Parents who understand the importance of chiropractic care and its significance on overall health and well-being insist on bringing in their whole family for care. If you need a pregnancy chiropractor, call our office at 217-787-4345 for your interview with Dr. Frisina and find out how to optimize your body's natural healing potential.

The obstetric literature has determined that correct positioning of the baby in-utero affect birth outcome and decrease the potential for undue stress to the baby's developing spine and nerve system. Obstetric literature has determined the importance of normal pelvic neuro-biomechanics including uterine function and pelvic alignment for the prevention of dystocia (difficult birth). It has also determined that correct positioning of the baby in-utero affects birth outcome and decreases the potential for undue stress to the baby's developing spine and nerve system. Chiropractic literature has determined the significance of sacral adjustments in normalizing pelvic neuro-biomechanics.

It is therefore considered prudent that this specific sacral analysis and adjustment be used throughout pregnancy to detect and alleviate sacral imbalance and optimize pelvic neuro-biomechanics in the mother. Because of the particular female adaptations from the increase of hormones, weight gain and postural adaptations, pregnant mothers have a greater chance of sacral subluxation and neuro-biomechanical imbalance than the general population. Additionally, because of the effect the chiropractic adjustment has on all body functions by reducing nerve system stress, pregnant mothers may have significant benefit by having their spines checked regularly throughout pregnancy, optimizing health benefits for both the mother and baby.

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